A UK postcode search API which we created for our Scottish client, a software development company.

YestPostcodeSearch.co.uk screenshot


REST, XML, JSON, PHP, Symfony Framework 2.8, HTML5, CSS3

REST API for fetching UK detailed addresses based on the official Royal Mail postcode database.

UK Postcode Search API

YesPostcodeSearch.co.uk was a project which IdeaSpot created for a UK-based IT development company. The service was an online-based UK postcode search API, which allowed translation of UK postcode and building name / number into a complete address.

Majority of the UK e-commerce projects commonly use UK Postcode Search APIs to make sure the data entered by the clients is valid. The data was obtained from the official Royal Mail postcodes database which guaranteed the data was always up-to-date and reliable.

We provided a set of JS / PHP client libraries to facilitate integration for the B2B services that used the service.

In terms of realization, we implemented the UK postcode search API with the Symfony Framework 2.8.